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Lipectomy or Tummy Tuck


Lipectomy or Tummy Tuck


This procedure removes excess skin and fat in the stomach, it works also in the muscles, which are usually in the wrong position due to overweight or pregnancies. This surgery corrects flaccidity and stretch marks in the lower stomach. The main objective of this procedure is to improve body contours.

Lipectomy is ideal for people above 18 and until 60 years old. People between 61 and 70 years old must request authorization from their physician to have this
surgery done. This surgery is also ideal for men and women with an excellent health condition, no mental or psychological problems and with a positive, realistic outlook on the results.

One of the risks of this procedure is related to poor wound healing. It is expected to see a fast wound recovery after the procedure, but abnormal scars can happen in the skin or deep tissues. These scars can show a different color from the skin around it and may require additional treatments, including surgery. This risk depends on the body’s healing process and it is not responsibility of the surgeon in any case.

Another effect of the procedure is pain, which can subside following your surgeon’s recommendations and taking the medication on the days and times prescribed. Keep in mind that every person handles pain differently; but if you experience heavy pain, please contact your surgeon. Chronic pain is not frequent, but if it happens, the patient might need additional medication or additional surgeries.

  1. All your questions and concerns must have been resolved by your surgeon.
  2. 10 days before the surgery, you cannot take any anti-inflammatory, aspirins, omega 3, 6 or 9, or vitamin E. These medications might increase the risk of bleeding.
  3. You cannot have cold symptoms
  4. You need to arrange for someone to pick you up at the hospital after the procedure

In most cases this is an outpatient procedure, it can be done with general anesthesia, or local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. It usually lasts 3 to 4 hours.
An incision in the lower abdomen is done, and then, the excess skin and fat are removed. You can resume your normal activities in no time and this procedure can be combined with other surgeries such as breast augmentation, liposuction, buttocks augmentation, or facial surgeries.

A compression post-op garment must be used around the clock for 4 weeks after the procedure. After this, you must use it only at nights. During the first 72 hours it is normal to experience fluid discharge. In addition to this, it is important to start walking since day one after the surgery, shower regularly and eat healthy following your physician’s dietary guide recommendations.

The patient might not see the expected results and even feel even heavier during the first days after the procedure; this is completely normal as swelling and fluid retention are caused by the surgery and will start to subside 8 days after the procedure. As of day 9, you will observe improved body contour. Weight loss might happen between the first and fourth month after the surgery.

  • Avoid physically demanding activities during the first week after the surgery.
  • Include in your diet red fruits and vegetables, liver and skinless fish.
  • Personal hygiene can be done normally.
  • Also, remember that it is very important to attend your post-op checkups, take the medications prescribed and have between 10 and 12 post-op massages in our wellness center.

5 days. However keep in mind that:

  • Patients who live in other cities of Colombia or abroad must stay in the city for: 12-15 days
  • Removal of stitches: 12-15 days after the surgery
  • Post-op appointments: every 3 days, they can be done via skype (J-gil79)

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My name is Claudia Stella Rivas I am 36 years old. My weight was 85 kilograms 6 months ago. I felt self-conscious and criticized by everyone. I met Dr. Gil while surfing the web looking for ways to lose weight. I read every single piece of information there, called and asked for a liposuction consultation using a promotion code that was offered then. I met Dr. Gil on Friday, December 20th 2013. I remember that day clearly because before leaving my house I said to myself “Today you will make one of the most important decisions in your life, change your body or leave it as it is” and I chose to change it. Today, I feel happy, accepted and my overall health has improved. I had a tummy tuck done to remove excess skin and stretch marks caused by constant weight change, I also had a liposuction done to remove excess fat in my abdomen, back, waist, pubis, legs and arms.

Claudia Stella Rivas
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This procedure removes excess skin and fat in the stomach, it works also in the muscles, which are usually in the wrong position due to overweight or pregnancies. This surgery corrects flaccidity and stretch marks in the lower stomach. The main objective of this procedure is to improve body contours.